The Weekly Libertarian Leftist Review 160

Jacob G. Hornberger discusses the fallacies of the anti-Islam crowd.

Oliver Ortega discusses how the border wall has been a bipartisan project.

Melvin Goodman discusses a possible return to the abuses of the Bush era under Trump.

Ivan Eland discusses ending or reforming NATO.

Muhammad Sahimi discusses Iran and a recent missile test.

Ira Chernus discusses Trump and foreign policy.

Thomas Knapp discusses Trump’s foreign policy.

Doug Bandow discusses the U.S.-South Korea relationship.

James Bovard discusses govt paranoia.

Lawrence Wittner discusses whether anyone should have the right to launch a nuclear holocaust.

Adam Johnson discusses the U.S. media coverage of the U.S. backed Saudi war in Yemen.

William D. Hartung discusses whether the Trump admin could take us to war with Iran.

Sussan Tahmasebi discusses the veil and Iran.

Glenn Greenwald discusses Rand Paul on warrentless wiretapping by the NSA.

Andrew J. Bacevich discusses a book about the allegedly good post-WW2 American military occupations of Japan and Germany.

Uri Avnery discusses peace between Palestinians and Israelis.

Vijay Prashad discusses George W. Bush as war criminal.

Andrew J. Bacevich discusses the never ending war in Afghanistan.

John Glaser discusses North Korea and nukes.

Michael T. Klare discusses Trump’s military build up.

Jacob G. Hornberger discusses the U.S. govt’s support for dictatorships.

Conn Hallinan discusses a foreign policy of delusion.

Yoni Mendel discusses incitement against Palestinians.

Chris Calton discusses the CIA and experients with LSD.

Murtaza Hussain discusses a terrorism case where an ISIS-Nazi connection is being alleged.

Matthew Cole discusses U.S. action in Yemen.

Ramzy Baroud discusses the U.S.-Israel relationship.

Daniel Larison discusses why the U.S. must stop enabling the destruction of Yemen.

Jacob G. Hornberger discusses why libertarians should oppose a border police state.

Tom Engelhardt discusses Donald Trump.

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