Media Coordinator Weekly Update: January 22-29

Howdy, folks. It’s been… a rough week. Trump’s been super busy with signing executive orders that futz with the rights of people to move freely between geographic locations, his lieutenants are acting all fashy to the press and the public, and basically we’re all doomed. On the upside, there’s a new Del Taco by my work AND C4SS has gotten some good publications out this week. Let’s take a look.

The Week* in Commentary

*So, I didn’t do a review of last week’s published content. Let’s get that out of the way.

Last week (Jan. 15 – 22), Kevin Carson’s “Right to Work and the Apartheid State” article got republished in Counterpunch and the Augusta Free Press. 

This week, we sent three articles out, all written by Kevin. “On Lemon ‘Free Trade'” got picked up by the Augusta Free Press, as did “#NoDAPL: Direct Action Gets the Goods” and “An ‘Open Source Insurgency’ Against Trump?

So that’s the stuff we’ve gotten in other places. Let’s take a look at everything else.

In addition to Kevin’s aforementioned pieces, we’ve also published two other spots by him: “Reason’s Ongoing Love Affair With Educational Cronyism,” and “Empires Don’t Practice ‘Free Trade’.”

I got a piece out as well: “Trump is keeping his promises. We must keep ours.”

The Week in Features

Edmund Berger wrote their latest feature, “Leftist Politicians Will Always Betray Liberty And Globalism” last week. We also have Kevin Carson’s “An Open Source Insurgency Against Trump?” C4SS Coordinating Director (I know how much you hate this title) William Gillis published “Responding to Fascist Organizing,” which has been republished at And Grant Mincy published “Information Ecology: (fo)Rest In Peace.”

The Week in Studies(!)

Edmund Berger has published a new study connecting Deleuze and Guattari to anarchism. Go check it out!

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