The Weekly Libertarian Leftist Review 159

Eric Schuler discusses Donald Trump’s first drone strike and war crimes.

Trevor Thrall discusses the emerging Trump doctrine

Roberts Higgs discusses the potential border wall between the U.S. and Mexico.

Melvin Goodman discusses an apologist for the CIA.

George H. Smith discusses debates among abolitionists.

Ryan Devereaux, Murtaza Hussain, Alice Speri discuss Trump’s new executive order about immigration.

Glenn Greenwald discusses Trump’s Muslin ban.

Uri Avnery discusses the movie King Kong and Donald Trump.

Brian Cloughley discusses the war in Afghanistan and Donald Trump.

Alex Emmons discusses Donald Trump’s embrace of torture.

Patrick Cockburn discusses why Trump’s Muslim ban will make things worse.

Glenn Greenwald discusses the killing of an 8 year old in a raid in Yemen.

Glenn Greenwald and Murtaza Hussain discuss a recent mosque shooting.

Doug Bandow discusses lifting sanctions on Sudan.

Evan Greer discusses Chelsea Manning.

John Glaser discusses why safe zones in Syria are a bad idea.

Christopher A. Preble discusses why walls won’t make America great.

Conn Hallinan discusses the potential for conflict with China.

Justin Raimondo discusses American policy vis a vis Yemen.

Nishant Dahiya discusses a new book on the CIA’s war in Laos.

Jacob G. Hornberger discusses Trump following the path of Bush-Obama on foreign policy.

Richard M. Ebeling discusses Donald Trump’s economic and political nationalism.

Dennis Drabelle discusses a new book by Stephen Kinzer.

William J. Astore discusses Donald Trump.

Edward Hunt discusses Donald Trump’s proclamation about taking Iraq’s oil.

Trevor Timm discusses Trump’s refugee ban and the resulting chaos.

Ben Norton discusses Trump’s first military raid.

Thomas L. Knapp discusses Trump and a recent war crime in Yemen.

Ramzy Baroud discusses Trump and Israel.

Daniel Larison discusses sloppy Western coverage of the Saudi war in Yemen.

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