Media Coordinator Update, 11/05/10

Dear C4SS Supporters,

This week’s C4SS “media star” is Contributing Writer David D’Amato, who’s responsible for all four print media “pickups” I’ve been able to track down for the last week:

  • The Alexandria, Lousiana Town Talk printed David’s “Obamacare Feeds Insurance Oligarchs” on October 31st.
  • Oklahoma’s Urban Tulsa Weekly printed his “Wikileaks Removes the Cloak” on November 3rd.
  • The Saint Joseph, Missouri Telegraph printed his “Getting to Gridlock” on November 4th.
  • And, finally, I’m told that the Kankakee City, Illinois City News (print only, no web site) printed his “Police Abuse is the Rule, Not the Exception” this week.
    • Grand slam for David, and for C4SS! There may be “pickups” that I haven’t found yet, as well.

      Apart from “pickups,” I’m also trying to keep track of media “mentions” that don’t necessarily include reprinting our articles. In that vein, see the International Ecotourist Club’s interview of C4SS Research Associate Kevin Carson, published yesterday.

      I emailed 8,421 commentary submissions to 2,642 newspapers (on four continents) this week. That’s down from last week’s record of more than 11,000 due to a combination of email sending limits, how much content was available, and how those two factors meshed.

      My lists grow (as I add new newspapers) and shrink (as I remove newspapers on their request, or as email addresses go bad due to changes, publications going out of business, etc.).

      This week, I removed a paper — the Linden, Alabama Democrat-Reporter — for another reason.

      In the past, I’ve received one or two argumentative replies (allegedly, and the email address matches my records and the results of web searches) from the Democrat-Reporter‘s publisher, one Goodloe Sutton. No problem! I love a debate, although I wouldn’t say this quite rose to that definition. He didn’t ask me to stop sending op-eds, so I didn’t.

      This week’s reply was different. It was in response to David D’Amato’s “Police Abuse is the Rule, Not the Exception.” Just as there’s no “I” in “team,” I’ve left the letter “i” out of that reply in order to take a bit of the edge off. Here’s that reply, in its entirety (less the “i”s):

      The n_gs and sp_cs have no respect for the const_itut_on or the law

      I have no complaints about my pay here at C4SS, but I don’t get paid enough to put up with that (the Center’s director, Brad Spangler, agrees). So, one paper down, and hopefully the good people of Linden have other sources when they’re looking for news and opinion.

      Quick reminder: The next session of “Op-Ed Boot Camp” runs November 19th-21st. If you’re a member of Students for Liberty, you can parlay that free seminar into a free class at Stateless U. See you there!

      Yours in liberty,
      Tom Knapp
      Media Coordinator
      Center for a Stateless Society

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