The Weekly Libertarian Leftist Review 154

Robert Parry discusses bad news for neocons and liberal interventionists.

Luis Gómez Romero immigration policy.

Binoy Kampmark discusses the U.N. vote on Israeli settlements.

Cesar Chelala discusses the recent absention of the U.S. from a vote on Israeli settlements.

Marjorie Cohn discusses U.S. foreign policy developments in the year 2016.

Medea Benjamin discusses the U.S. support for the Saudi war in Yemen.

Gwynne Dyer discusses the U.N., Bibi, and Obama.

Glenn Greenwald discusses a false story in the Washington Post about alleged Russian hacking of the electrical grid.

Vijay Prashad discusses what the Israeli govt fears about the recent U.N. condemnation.

Uri Avnery discusses Trump’s cabinet and anti-semitism

Glenn Greenwald discusses false claims made about Wikileaks by a Guardian reporter.

Doug Bandow discusses why Russia today is not the USSR. I disagree with some of it, but it is useful for showing how the alleged present day Russian threat is inflated.

James Risen discusses how Obama’s war on press freedom laid the groundwork for a potential Trump admin war on press liberty.

David Swanson discusses how war erodes civil liberties.

Michael Schaeffer Omer-Man discusses the possibility of annexation of the West Bank.

Grant Smith discusses how military aid to Israel leads to incentives for war.

Ray McGovern discusses the Afghan quagmire and Obama’s lack of political courage.

Jacob G. Hornberger discusses foreign policy interventionism and blowback.

Laruence M. Vance discusses Taiwan, China, and the U.S.

Norman Solomon discusses the Democratic Party and the latest controvsery over Russia.

Lucy Steigerwald discusses Trump and the war on privacy.

Ramzy Baroud discusses the Israel-Palestine conflict and the Trump admin.

The New York Times editorial board discusses where secret arrests were stand procedure.

A. Barton Hinkle discusses big government.

Laurence M. Vance discusses the Small Business Adminstration. I am not a fan of his angle on minimum wage laws or anti-discrimination laws, but I appreciate the anti-corporate welfare push of this article.

Owen Jones discusses U.S. interference in foreign elections.

Phillip Smith discusses deaths from the War on Drugs.

Jacob G. Hornberger discusses charity vs the welfare state.

Jacob G. Hornberger discusses the only solution to the healthcare crisis in the U.S.

Michael Rieger discusses early Japanese liberalism.

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