The Weekly Libertarian Leftist Review 153

Ramzy Baroud discusses the meaning of Zionism to people in Palestine.

Mitchell Plitnick discusses Trump’s appointment to the position of U.S. ambassdaor to Israel.

Ted Galen Carpenter discusses the One China Policy and the Trump admin.

Tom Engelhardt discusses Donald Trump and the dystopian times ahead.

Zaid Jilani discusses Obama’s approach to anti-Israel U.N. resolutions.

Jenna McLaughlin discusses a new House report on Snowden.

Patrick Cockburn discusses the War on Terror and recent events.

Uri Avnery discusses why David Friedman is a bad choice for U.S. ambassador to Israel.

Conor Friedersdorf discusses Obama’s weak defense of his targeted killing program.

James Risen reviews a book by a CIA analyst who debriefed Saddam Hussien.

Sharon Presley discusses charitable giving and political ideology.

Jim Lobe discusses the views of Trump’s pick for national security advisor Michael Flynn

Eli Clifton discusses John Bolton’s right-wing politics on Israel.

Ann Wright discusses the use of denial of Social Security checks as a way of punishing dissenters.

Robert Fisk discusses ISIS and the far right’s assault on multicultural countries.

Douglas Valentine discusses the CIA and his research on it.

Cathy Breen discusses her trip to Iraq.

David Swanson.discusses post-911 abuses and impeachment.

Binoy Kampmark discusses refugee policy in Germany and a recent terror attack.

Robert W. Merry discusses the difference in opinion between the public at large and elites on American foreign policy.

Geoffrey Aronson discusses the recent U.N. resolution attacking Israeli settlement expansion.

John Buell discusses the potential for a new Mcarthyism.

Stephen Zunes discusses Trump’s picks for foreign policy related admin positions.

Mattathias Schwartz discusses the false statistics of a Trump nominee on deaths by nacroterrorism.

Jordan Smith discusses state govts passing abortion restrictions.

Ramzy Baroud discusses why the people of Palestine should look to the rest of the world rather than the U.S. for backing.

Thomas Knapp discusses the dangerous new NDAA.

Bonnie Kristian discusses drone warfare and Obama.

Daniel Larison discusses why the U.S. shouldn’t repudiate the present China policy.

Linda Lewis discusses whistleblowing and the Obama admin.

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