The Weekly Libertarian Leftist Review 152

Stephen Kinzer discusses China as a psychological problem.

John Payne discusses the War on Drugs and police militarization.

Richard W. Behan discusses the criminal warmaking of Dubya.

Jonathan Cook discusses Israeli hegemony in Palestine.

Renee Parsons discusses the alliance between the Democratic Party and the CIA.

Medea Benjmain discusses the Saudi war in Yemen and U.S. backing.

Daniel L. Davis discusses the fight for Mosul in Iraq.

Patrick Cockburn discusses the conflict in Syria.

Matt Peppe discusses the accusations of Russian interference in the recent U.S. presidential election.

Jacob G. Hornberger discusses the new Cold War mentality.

Christine Guluzian discusses the current Philipines presidet and U.S. relations with his country.

Roderick Long discusses why there is nothing wrong with flag burning.

Kelley Beaucar Vlahos discusses the bill allowing Americans to sue foreign govts for their acts of terrorism directed against them.

Jon Schwartz dicusses John Bolton and Iraq policy.

George H. Smith discusses how to argue successfully.

Nat Perry discusses the powers Donald Trump will inherit from Obama.

Richaed M. Ebeling discusses Adam Smith’s philosophy.

Jacob G. Hornberger discusses the collectivist mindset and empire. I am not in agreement with his view of Rex Tillerson.

Neve Gordon discusses Trump’s nominee for ambassador to Israel.

Edward Hunt discusses warfare under Obama.

Abigall R. Blanco discusses the U.S. history of interference in other countries.

Conor Friedersdorf discusses the ticking time bomb scenario justification for torture.

Jacob G. Hornberger discusses the Russian hacking allegations.

Sam Biddle discusses the protest by IBM employees over cooperation with Trump.

William J. Astore discusses

Thomas L. Knapp discusses the state and Christmas.

Laurence M. Vance discusses conservative nanny statism.

Robert Fisk discusses Samatha power and selective atrocity listing.

David Swanson discusses what racist registeries look like.

Daniel Larison discusses the double standards of interventionists in foreign policy.

Michael Rieger discusses the origins of Japanese liberalism.

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