Don’t give up.

So, Donald Trump won the presidency. This is a mandate for fascism. If Trump is able to do even a quarter of what he promised, we’re in for a wild ride in the next four years.

However, that doesn’t start today. If Trump cares even a little bit about keeping up the appearances of “Democracy” he’ll wait like a good boy until Inauguration Day to take power. That gives us 71 days.

Seventy-one days to cry. Seventy-one days to have a panic attack. Seventy-one days to scramble for a way out. Seventy-one days to figure out what the hell to do with any of this. Last night was not a night for women, people of color, queer people or the radical libertarian left, but that doesn’t mean that today can’t be. Or tomorrow. Or the next day.

Whatever we have to do, it’s going to be a lot of work. We can’t rest on our laurels or just wait for the end; we have friends to protect and lives to save. In 71 days we can teach each other better information security, begin building support structures that don’t rely on centralized hubs and can be run off the grid, and organize resistance to whatever war and/or power grab President Trump attempts in his first months.

We have the technology. We have the expertise. This is the time to use it, or else we should just fade away.

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