The Weekly Libertarian Leftist Review 140

Sheldon Richman discusses trade as a labor saving device.

Paul Buhle discusses the Vietnam War.

Renee Parsons discusses justice for the victims of 9-11 vs U.S. support for Saudi Arabia.

Peter Van Buren discusses the world his daughter will inherit.

Ann Wright discusses the environmental destruction wrought by the U.S. military.

Robert Fantina discusses Bibi, ethnic cleansing, and Palestine.

Ron Jacobs discusses U.S. war resisters who fled to Canada.

Ann Garrison discusses a U.S. backed genocide.

Jacob G. Hornberger discusses U.S. support for military rule.

Glenn Greenwald discusses the Washington Post’s editorial team’s switch on Snowden.

Anthony Romero discusses why Obama should pardon Snowden.

Paul R. Pillar discusses how our hardliners are helping Iran’s hardliners.

Barton Gellman discusses a report on Edward Snowden.

Peter Maass discusses why Obama should pardon Snowden, Manning, and other leakers.

Ramzy Baroud discusses ending the war in Syria.

Jacob G. Hornberger discusses interventionism in the Middle East and the consequences.

Richard M. Ebeling discusses the ancient Greeks and economics.

Rev. William Alberts discusses the 21st century’s worst war crime.

Kevin Carson discusses deprogramming from the cult of national unity.

W.T. Whitney discusses the U.S. govt and Colombian paramiliarties.

David D. S’Amato discusses Adam Smith, class analysis, and the left-right divide.

Jeremy R. Hammond discusses his top ten reasons why anti=Palestine libertarians piss him off.

Eric Schuler discusses why both Trump and Clinton’s proposals for dealing with terrorism fail.

Tom Engelhardt discusses American foreign policy woes.

Robert Koehler discusses why stop the killing is the path to peace in Syria.

Doug Bandow discusses NATO expansion.

Paul R. Pillar discusses why the U.S. shouldn’t emulate Russia in Syria.

Uri Avnery discusses Shimon Peres.

Christopher A. Preble discusses American politics and fear.

Peter Van Buren discusses the failure to catch terrorists and a solution.

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