Op-Ed Boot Camp, November 19th-21st

Dear C4SS Supporters,

Was our first “Op-Ed Boot Camp” successful? We had only two participants, but at least one op-ed was submitted for publication, so I consider it a success. I hope the participants do as well. I’m happy enough with the results to want to keep doing “Op-Ed Boot Camp” on a regular basis, so the next session will take place on the weekend of November 19th-21st.

If you’d like to participate, it’s easy:

– Between now and November 19th, download Writing the Libertarian Op-Ed and give it a once-over. A number of readers tell me that this little e-booklet helped them improve their op-ed/LTE writing (and in a couple of cases, that it helped them produce their first published pieces).

– At 6pm Central on Friday, November 19th, join us for a conference call to get started. We’ll brainstorm op-ed/LTE topics and get you pointed in the right direction to research your chosen topic and find the submission guidelines for the publication you’d like to see your piece published in. I’ll try to answer any “right off the bat” questions you have. Conference Dial-in Number: 712-432-0600; Participant Access Code: 525118#.

– That night and/or the following morning, you’ll research your piece and find the submission guidelines. I’ll be available by email or phone (530-618-C4SS) if you need assistance.

– On Saturday, you’ll write your first draft and post it to the Op-Ed Boot Camp Roundtable (it’s a “Google Group” email list — go ahead and join). Get it in by 6pm Eastern. Once you’ve posted it, you’ll be able to get advice on improving it from me, from other people here at the Center, and from your fellow Op-Ed Boot Camp participants.

– On Sunday, you’ll put the advice you got at the Roundtable to work to produce your final draft — and submit it to your local newspaper (or other venue of your choice) for publication.

That’s all there is to it — anarchist writers helping each other produce publishable material. Don’t let the “Boot Camp” name put you off.

Yours in liberty,
Tom Knapp
Media Coordinator
Center for a Stateless Society

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