The Weekly Libertarian Leftist Review 110

An interview with Noam Chomsky on the War on Terror.

Samuel Bieler discusses the myth of black hypercriminality.

Lucy Steigerwald discusses pre-crime and the Patriot Act.

Dan Sanchez discusses how to rid the world of ISIS.

Lauren Jappe discusses the victims of Israeli torture.

David Williams discusses how Democrats and Republicans aim to revive the Import-Export Bank.

Andrew J. Bacevich discusses the prospect of World War 4.

Stephen Kinzer discusses Woodrow Wilson.

Trevor Timm discusses Obama’s recent speech on ISIS.

Garikai Chengu discusses police statism directed at Muslims.

Harvey Wasserman discusses Woodrow Wilson.

Sheldon Richman discusses violence, radicalism, and Islam.

Sheldon Richman discusses U.S. foreign policy and the engendering of hatred.

Jacob G. Hornberger discusses uncompromising libertarianism.

Joe Carton discusses the targeting of pro-Palestine activists.

Jacob G. Hornberger discusses why Venezuela is none of the U.S. government’s business.

Roderick T. Long discusses Euripides on war.

Sheldon Richman discusses fearmongering and terrorism.

Joseph G. Ramsey discusses cops for Trump.

Adil E. Shamoo discusses how U.S. interventionism tore apart the Middle East.

Stephen Kinzer discusses conservative foreign policy.

Dan Sanchez discusses the political lessons of Star Wars.

Jacob Sullum discusses the War on Drugs.

Bobby London discusses self-liberation.

Andrew Kahn discusses Donald Trump as reflecting Americanism.

Ivan Eland discusses Obama’s recent speech on terrorism.

Steve Martinot discusses victimless crime laws.

Rob Urie discusses Donald Trump.

Robert Fantina discusses Donald Trump, the GOP, and the politics of hate.

Medea Benjamin discusses the recent Saudi women vote.

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