Media Coordinator Update, 09/17/10

This week, I’ve made 4,846 C4SS op-ed submissions to 1,958 newspapers.

So far, I’m aware of two op-eds being selected for publication:

– Alexandria, Louisiana’s Town Talk published Kevin Carson’s “‘Public’ Education’s Real Curriculum” on September 12th.

– Grafton, North Dakota’s Walsh County Record called to notify me that they’d be publishing my “9/11’s (Jumped the) Shark Week” in their print edition (the web edition doesn’t include op-eds).

I also received a request for a shorter edit of the “Shark Week” piece from the University of Vermont Cynic, and am informed that it’s being considered for publication.

That’s about it for real action this week. I’m continuing to build international lists — I took it slow this week and am planning a marathon session over the weekend to finish Australia and complete England, Scotland and Ireland.

I’ve also been discussing a project with Brad: “Op-Ed Boot Camp.”

If it works out, this will be a set of weekend sessions (probably one per month if the interest is there), commencing with a Friday night conference call and working by email and web forum to help interested writers conceive, research, draft, edit/improve, finish and submit their own op-ed pieces by Sunday evening.

We try to maintain a steady flow of content and a high volume of submissions here at C4SS, but there’s no such thing as “too much anarchist content.” If you’ve never written/submitted an op-ed or letter to the editor and want to, or if you’d just like to improve your writing skills and enhance the chances of getting your pieces published, “Op-Ed Boot Camp” is intended for you. Let us know what you think about the idea in comments.

Yours in liberty,
Tom Knapp
Media Coordinator
Center for a Stateless Society

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