Media Coordinator Update, 09/03/10

Dear C4SS supporters,

I told you this one was coming last Friday: On Monday Ross Kenyon’s “Do anarchists at tea parties really want to kill all politicians?” appeared in the web edition of the prestigious national newspaper, the Christian Science Monitor. Thanks and congratulations to Ross!

Darian Worden’s “A Politician’s Promise” was published in this week’s St. Joseph, Missouri Telegraph.

We received photo/additional bio information request from the White River Junction, Vermont Valley News on another of Darian’s pieces, “What Counts as Political?” Such requests usually indicate an intent to publish, but I’ve been unable to verify web or print publication of the article as yet.

The Snohomish, Washington Times published Kevin Carson’s “Authoritarianism is Self-Defeating” on August 29th.

In the web-only environment, Infoshop News continues to regularly pick up Kevin Carson’s offerings, and AntiWar.Com reprinted my own Iraq: The Never-Ending Story on September 1st.

On Google News, Ross’s Monitor pickup and the AlterNet repost of David D’Amato’s “The State’s Bad Math” have C4SS on the first page of results for “anarchist” and “anarchism.”

Our media lists, and the number of submissions we make, continue to grow. This week I made 5,235 submissions of C4SS commentaries to 2,131 publications. Some of those submissions — all in the last 24-48 hours, so it’s too early to tell if we’ll get any action on them — went to English-language publications in media markets we’ve never submitted to before: Armenia, Australia, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand.

No action on the talk radio/television front this week, but I’ve secured a subscription to Talkers magazine, and one of my next major projects will be putting together a pitch, perhaps with a physical media kit, for their “Hot 100” list of talk radio shows (published annually and appearing in the current edition) and selected other shows. Even a “one-off” appearance by a C4SS voice on one of these shows is worth the effort, but my real goal is to position C4SS as the “go-to source” for talk radio whenever the word “anarchy” pops up in the news.

Summary: Three or four print media pickups that we know of this week, a number of new media markets in our submission inventory and more coming, with the main expansion (as opposed to maintenance) focus about to move to radio and television.

Thanks, as always, for your support!

Yours in liberty,
Tom Knapp
Media Coordinator

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