For Obama, Any War is Better Than No War on Feed 44

C4SS Feed 44 presents Nick Ford‘s “For Obama, Any War is Better Than No War” read by Joey Clark and edited by Nick Ford.

Obama’s reasoning in the past for not sending in more explicit ground troops is that he does not want to do what the Iraqis need to do for themselves. If that’s the case, then why send advisers?

There’s also a basic question of military strength and insanity. The networked resistance of ISIS, as terrifying and awful as it is, has shown, time and time again, capable of beating the Iraqi military and outwitting the US assistance. I don’t claim to have the answer for what would work best militarily, but it seems foolhardy to keep trying the same thing over and over again. Specifically, the militaries are trying to test their centralized might against networked cell-based terrorist organization. Do they really expect history to be on their side at this point?

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