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The Weekly Libertarian Leftist Review 86

Eric Draister discusses whether the war in Syria has become a regional war.

Donald J. Bourdreaux discusses freedom’s instrinsic value.

Sheldon Richman discusses abolishing special ops.

Steven Horowitz discusses socialism as war and war as socialism.

Walter Olson discusses truancy laws.

Gregory A. Daddis discusses America’s addiction to war and fear of peace.

John Wight discusses bombing ISIS into existence.

Phyllis Bennis discusses Obama’s strategy in Iraq.

Sherle R. Schwenninger discusses Obama’s foreign policy.

Jim Powell discusses Murray Rothbard.

Richard Falk discusses the Libyan intervention.

Robert Fantina discusses Israel’s increasing isolation.

Jacob G. Hornberger discusses federal judicial deference to the national security state.

Louisa Lamb discusses UNRWA cuts to Palestinian refugee camps.

Veronique de Rugy discusses certificate of need laws.

Matthew Stevenson discusses the ISIS takeover of Palmyra.

Uri Avnery discusses Bibi and the BDS movement.

Stanton Peele discusses addiction.

Daniel Larison discusses the ignoring of the Saudi war on Yemen.

W.T. Whitney Jr. discusses the war in Colombia and why it continues.

Lawrence Reichard discusses Hilary, Jeb, and faulty intelligence.

Sheldon Richman discusses the Magna Carta.

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