English Language Media Coordinator Update, April 2015

Dear C4SS supporters,

Welcome to my first media coordinator report. April was a month of experimentation (also known as a month of me falling flat on my face 99 times before figuring out how to ride this bike on the last try) with regard to our email submissions system; as such, the number of submitted articles is not up to the Center’s usual standards. In April, C4SS submitted 20,177 articles to 2,320 newspapers around the world. That number is not one I’m especially proud of, but it’s the one we have and all I can say is that you won’t see that number that low again. I only gathered a handful of pickups, but among them are Grant Mincy’s Earth Day on the River of Grass in the Ecologist, Kevin Carson’s “Libertarians” for Ethnic Cleansing hitting CounterPunch (and the response it got from Walter Block) and Chad Nelson’s piece on the Boston Marathon bombing two years later in the Providence, RI Journal.

I’ll be up front: I did not realize how demanding this job was until I was knee-deep in it. I tip my hat to Tom, not only for doing this job day in and day out for five years with a email list held together by duct tape and his sheer force of will, but for creating it all from the ground up. I fully expect that by this time next month, we’ll be right back on track and ready to grow past Tom’s previous projections of 40,000 submissions per month.

Some things to expect from this space in the coming weeks:

  • A media handbook with op-ed writing tips and resources
  • Weekly updates starting this week and every Monday
  • A regular digest podcast
  • Media criticism (I remember when I used to do that…)

Before I retreat to my pile of yet-to-be-sent emails, I’d just like to say this: everything you see here at C4SS, and everything we do, is made possible by you. C4SS has, within the last month or so, become a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization, which means that your donations are now tax deductible! Your support keeps the ship afloat, and for that I think I speak for everyone here when I say we appreciate it immensely.

Yours in solidarity,
Trevor HultnerMedia Coordinator
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