Media Coordinator Update, 08/20/10

Dear readers,

I’m back in the saddle and the news is looking pretty good.

So far this week, 2,084 US and Canadian newspapers have received commentary submissions from C4SS. Some of them have received more than one such submission — I’ve sent out a total of 3,529 submission emails.

We’re starting to get noticed:

– Darian Worden’s “Steven Slater and Narratives of Conflict” appears in this week’s St. Joseph, Missouri Telegraph. That same article was cited in last Friday’s Toronto Star, after my update for last week had already gone “to press.”

– We’ve received a “head shot” photo request — which is pretty good evidence of intent to publish — from Saskatchewan, Canada’s Melville Advance for my recent piece on organ donation.

City News of Kankakee, Illinois has informed us it will be publishing my “No War But Class War!”, and Delaware’s Cape Gazette has requested a “head shot” photo to accompany the same piece.

So, it looks like at least four print pickups and one citation this week.

And to top it off, our own Kevin Carson’s life story has been made into a major motion picture debuting today. Or maybe not. I’ve been unable to either confirm or debunk the rumor that our Kevin is in fact the inspiration for that story.

More news next week.

Yours in liberty,
Tom Knapp
Media Coordinator
Center for a Stateless Society.

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