Media Coordinator Update, 08/13/10

Dear C4SS supporters,

I’m going to skip right to a couple of high points:

– Some earlier efforts are starting to bear fruit! The folks at Montréal’s Le Québécois Libre informs us that Darian Worden’s “Who Would Maintain Roads Worse Than the State,” from back in June, will appear in their next edition.

– My own “The Valley of the Shadow of Wikileaks” appeared on popular non-interventionist web site AntiWar.Com on Monday.

Why the high points first? Because, as predicted, I’ve not been able to do as much this week as I’d have liked. It was kind of a “perfect storm” week that included two doctor visits, lab work and a diabetes diagnosis as well as wrapping up the last of my commitments to the Libertarian Party so that I can give market anarchism my full attention and efforts, etc.

As an indicator of the week’s stressful effects, I weighed 227 pounds on Monday and 217 on Friday (down from ~250 a few months ago; the unexplained weight loss was part of what triggered my health concerns).

I did get some C4SS commentaries out to newspaper editors, but the number was in the high hundreds rather than the low thousands, and very little media list data entry got done.

I apologize for my semi-absence this week, but I expect to get back on track and then some starting this weekend.

Yours in liberty,
Tom Knapp
Media Coordinator
Center for a Stateless Society

[Addendum: Darian Worden and the Center were mentioned and quoted in this roundup of reactions to the Stephen Slater / JetBlue story this week. — Brad S.]

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