Missing Comma 2.0: New Year, New Challenges, New Opportunities

Welcome to 2015! This is Missing Comma, a media criticism and analysis blog project graciously hosted by the Center for a Stateless Society. As with last year, our continuing mission is to understand how various forms of informational media – mainly the news – interact with individuals, and vice versa. Our goal: lay down the framework for an anarchist news organization that not only challenges the existing media landscape, but can ultimately replace it entirely.

To do that, we’ll be looking at the history of journalism, as well as present-day examples of breaches in media ethics and instances where misunderstandings between the public and the media arise. We’ll also be talking with experts in the field of media ethics about various issues from conflicts of interest to press freedom.

We’re expanding our operation this year to include a podcast and DIY educational materials. We’ve got a Patreon page set up here, where you can donate as much or as little as you like to keep us going. We explain where your donations go over there on the Patreon page, but basically, you’ll be helping us to bring on multiple writers to work on the blog and establish a general fund we can tap into for things like printing materials. We’re also expanding our social media presence in 2015 to encompass Twitter and Facebook, and we’ve got a secondary blog over here at Tumblr where we’ll be posting to daily.

This was kind of a short post, but one of our new year resolutions is to adhere to the old adage “quality over quantity” as much as humanly possible. I’m Trevor Hultner, main thing-doer at Missing Comma; you can follow me on Twitter at @missingcomma. We’re also incredibly lucky to have Juliana Perciavalle on the team for a second year as well. She’s about to start her final semester in college, but she’ll be dropping in throughout the year. Thanks for your support, and thanks for reading!

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