Fresh War Crimes in Iraq

Barack Obama recently showed his colors as a war criminal again. He ordered airstrikes on the already violence ridden country of Iraq. A place from which he is generally credited for withdrawing troops from and ending the war there. Obama was already guilty of war crimes under the Nuremberg standards for voting to fund the Iraq War during his time in the Senate, so this is not the beginning of his crimes against Iraqis.

The rationale given for this bombing was to protect religious minorities. In this particular case, it’s a reference to the Yazidis. There are around 40,000 of them trapped and surrounded by ISIS on the mountains in the Northern provinces of Iraq. For readers not in the know: ISIS is an Islamic fundamentalist group that has conquered parts of Iraq.

This is clearly a humanitarian disaster, but that doesn’t justify renewed U.S. aggression against Iraq. The bombings are likely to kill many non-combatants and spur recruitment for groups like ISIS. There should be private relief efforts organized and, if necessary, I wouldn’t mind already stolen tax dollars being spent on humanitarian aid to the beleaguered group in question.

Abraham Lincoln Brigade style units could also be organized. These would be volunteers up against an Islamic fundamentalism as evil as the past fascism in Spain. They could even receive funds or weapons from the government as restitution. It would be putting tax dollars and government “property” back in the hands of individuals who aren’t part of the political class or beholden to it.

The kind of groups mentioned above could avoid tainting their military actions with the kind of aggression that statist military efforts embody. They wouldn’t be launching cruise missiles with a wide blast effect. In place of that, there would be the use of the kind of arms that can be pinpointed. This kind of 4th generation warfare can be very libertarian.

This manner of fighting would make humanitarian intervention less of an oxymoron. It usually just refers to some militarist project in which tons of civilians are killed by the U.S. government. That is hardly humane and not worthy of the name. This kind of non-statist intervention is ideally suited to encourage both liberty and absence of oppression by not being in a position to easily create tyranny all over again. It deserves at least further consideration. Anyone who is interested is welcome to provide constructive commentary.

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