News Analyst Alex R. Knight III to Attend Porcfest 2010 and Appear on the No-State Project

On Saturday, June 26, Alex R. Knight III will be attending the Free State Project’s annual Porcfest at Roger’s Campground in Lancaster, New Hampshire.  He is simultaneously slated to appear on Marc Stevens’ show, the No-State Project.  In attendance also will be anarchists Jim Davies, and possibly Larken Rose and Stefan Molyneaux.

The No-State Project will broadcast live from Lancaster from 4-6 PM Eastern Standard Time, and can be heard online at, and at the following radio frequencies:

Sioux Falls, South Dakota: 1640 AM/1710 AM, and at night on 1610 AM.

Aberdeen, South Dakota: 1680 AM.

Omaha, Nebraska: 1640 AM/1710 AM, and at night on 1610 AM.

Idaho Falls, Idaho: 1610 AM.

Minneapolis (Maple Grove), Minnesota: 1710 AM.

South Bend, Indiana: 1700 AM.

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