The Weekly Libertarian Leftist and Chess Review 39

“Joseph Miller” discusses the drone memos.

James Bovard discusses Custer’s massacre.

Ramzy Baroud discusses the Muslim Ummah.

Lucy Steigerwald discusses the ACLU report on police militarization.

Kelly Vlahos discusses how the Iraq crisis is bringing a swift rebuke to Iraq war architects.

Laurence M. Vance discusses how Republicans don’t really support limited government.

Patrick Cockburn discusses the Iraqi prime minister, Nouri al-Maliki.

David S. D’Amato discusses how the regulatory state or government helps corporate power.

Daniel J. Bier discusses the use of curious logic to argue in favor of the drug war.

Andrew Levine discusses how Israel thrives on existential threat.

The Mises institute interviews Walter Block.

Alexandra Early discusses the desperation of choices behind child migration.

David McDonald discusses the anti-war movement.

Sheldon Richman discusses the view that war is a racket.

Steve Chapman discusses ‘the parallels between Vietnam and Iraq.

Renee Parsons discusses the quagmire of U.S. foreign policy.

Cesar Chelala discusses the force feeding of Palestinian prisoners.

Joe Scarry discusses the recently released memo on targeted killing.

Robert Parry discusses Obama’s true weakness.

Robert Parry discusses the blaming of Obama for Iraq’s current chaos.

David Stockman discusses the newly proposed aid to the Syrian opposition to Assad.

Joshua Holland discusses the lies that sold the first Gulf War.

Benjmain H. Friedman discusses how drones will put the U.S. on a perpetual war footing.

Jonathan Blank discusses liberty, black people, and the state.

Joseph Grosso discusses the drug war in Honduras.

Eric Margolis discusses the Russo-Japanese war of 1904-1905.

William Norman Grigg discusses the plunder of the War on Drugs.

Robert Parry discusses the changing of the New York Time’s tune on the Ukraine.

Joel Benjamin beats H. Carter.

Joel Benjamin beats Nelson Gamboa.

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