C4SS Media Pickups for April

In April, I made 38,078 English-language op-ed submissions (our media coordinators working in other languages also made submissions and had pickups by publications which run in those languages), and I have detected 47 “media pickups” of our content (this is content that was published in April or late March).

Just a quick note on submissions, as I sometimes get questions along the lines of “wait … you guys wrote 38,000 op-eds in one month?” The answer to that is “no.”

When I say that I’ve submitted 38,078 op-eds in a month, what I mean is that the op-eds we wrote in that month have been submitted a total of 38,078 times. So one op-ed may have been submitted in the US only (to around 1,700 newspapers), while another may have been submitted worldwide (to about 2,600 newspapers). I keep a running tally of how many newspapers each op-ed is submitted to and that’s the 38,078. So any one op-ed may have been sent to as many as 2,700 papers, and any one paper may have received some or all of the op-eds we published that month. Hope that clarifies things.

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