C4SS Quiz: Find Your Philosophy

Dear C4SS readers, supporters and friends,

I am very pleased to announce the release of the Center for a Stateless Society’s “Find Your Philosophy” quiz. The quiz was developed by C4SS Advisory Panel member Gary Chartier, and turned into (hopefully working) software by yours truly, Mike Gogulski.

There is certainly no shortage of quizzes of this sort. I’ve listed a few we found below, along with my own results (WARNING: Taking quizzes of this nature can be addictive and waste broad swathes of otherwise productive time.)

The Find Your Philosophy quiz currently consists of 106 questions which aim to measure your views along five different axes: Economic Leftist/Economic Rightist, Civil Libertarian/Civil Authoritarian, Socio-Cultural Liberal/Socio-Cultural Conservative, Anti-Militarist/Pro-Militarist and Anarchist/Statist.

The quiz is also a work in progress, so Gary and I both eagerly welcome feedback on all of its aspects, from size to layout to results presentation to question content. Please leave comments here if you have any; the quiz page itself will not accept them for technical reasons, and since this is “Version 1.0”, there will be similar posts like this one in the future.

Enough introduction! Hop on over and find your philosophy!

Some other quizzes:

The Politopia Quiz, by the Institute for Humane Studies — 15 questions leading to a Nolan Chart-style two-dimensional result. I wound up just south of Ayn Rand, in the northwest, fortunately not on top of her.

The PoliticalQuiz.net Political Philosophy Quiz — 24 questions leading to scoring on four scales. I ranked as a “Hardcore Libertarian”, and got to view a picture of Ron Paul and some other politicians for my trouble.

The Pew Research Center for the People and the Press’s Typology Test — 25 questions, several of which betray a sadly common sort of binary thinking. I scored as a “Liberal”, whatever that is.

Bryan Caplan’s Libertarian Purity Test — Offline at the time of this writing, but accessed via Google cache. 64 yes/no questions with shocking images of Milton Friedman and Ayn Rand embedded within. Fortunately the Rothbard at bottom was there to settle my tummy. (Update: It’s back online. I scored 155 of 160, making me a “nearly perfect libertarian” in Caplan’s eyes. My “blind spot” is that I’m not an anarcho-capitalist.)

The Pace News Political Compass — 62 questions in six sections. I ranked as a strong libertarian and weak economic right-winger.

The 3rd Party Central Party Matchmaking Questions, “Upsetting the political machine since February 1996” — 25 increase/decrease/maintain questions. I’m a 100% match for the US Libertarian Party (*chortle*).

The GoToQuiz.com Political Spectrum Quiz — 53 5-valued questions, with a 5-valued importance scale for each. I’m described in two dimensions as a “far right social libertarian”.

Alex “Brainpolice” Strekal’s Politics Test — 160 questions. I’m a radical libertarian, and it seems I’ve joined a dating site as well.

The Advocates for Self-Government’s World’s Smallest Political Quiz — 10 questions, a breath of fresh air after the last few. I’m a slightly lefty libertarian.

imunimaginative’s What Political Party Do Your Beliefs Put You In? — 24 questions. According to the results, I’ll be joining the Anarchism Party any day now.

Samuel Rutledge’s Political Ideology Quiz — 36 questions, scored on six axes. I’m 100% libertarian, 90% anarchist, and a mere 3% fascist.

Stephane Dubois’s Moral Politics Test — 16 questions scored on two axes. There’s some “progressive neoliberalism” lurking within me, apparently, as well as an affinity for the Libertarian Party.

Mr. Fergy’s What is Your Political Ideology? quiz — 24 questions scored on eight axes. I’m a “centrist” and “liberatarian”, by his lights.

Leonstein’s Political Ideologies Quiz — 78 questions, judged on 13(!) axes. I’m 92% anarcho-capitalist, 75% anarcho-syndicalist and 71% Trotskyist(!).

Anarchy and Democracy
Fighting Fascism
Markets Not Capitalism
The Anatomy of Escape
Organization Theory