Last year, I had a simple, and seemingly achievable, goal as C4SS’s media coordinator: To reach a total of 1,000 “mainstream media” pickups and citations of the Center’s op-ed material (since we started identifying such pickups and citations in mid-2010).

We didn’t make it in 2013. We made it today.

Which pickup is “the 1,000th?” That’s impossible to say — sometimes a piece will appear on the web and then not show up on my search protocols for some time.  Once I find them, I might enter several from or on the same day without regard to when they actually posted at the other site. And sometimes I miss them for a looong time until the author notices one and lets me know. For example, the 1,000th pickup I entered was actually from back in October — Nathan Goodman came across it and dropped me a line about it today.

But, however we got here, here we are. Hooray for us!

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