End of Year Media Coordinator’s Update

I spent a couple of hours this morning scouring the search engines for C4SS “mainstream media pickups” in December.

The good news: Usually December is a month that kind of trails off for us in terms of pickups — newspapers tend to run cheery holiday stuff instead of anarchist polemic at this time of year. But THIS December was an exception! I’ve identified 35 pickups of C4SS material in “mainstream media” — well above our normal expectation of 20 or so.

The better news: All our authors had successes this month, but two standouts are Jonathan Carp, whose “So This is Christmas and What Have We Done?” broke us into Pakistani media for the first time ever and Trevor Hultner, who had pieces published from coast to coast in the US and abroad as well.

The not quite so good news: I had really hoped to break 1,000 total pickups in 2013. We fell short of that — as of today, the count stands at 976. But if January is as good a month as December was, we’ll hit 1,000 this month. Thanks, as always, for your continuing support!

Best regards,
Tom Knapp
Media Coordinator
Center for a Stateless Society

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