An Open Letter to Chelsea Manning

Dear Chelsea Manning,

The courage and integrity you showed in exposing the moral depredations of the U.S. Government is an inspiration to political radicals everywhere. Your imprisonment is a grave injustice. It represents a crime against basic human decency. The genuine criminals run amok while you are confined to a cage. This inversion of justice demonstrates the moral bankruptcy of our existing social order.

The signatories to this letter are anarchist, libertarian, liberal, socialist, Marxist, and left-libertarian sympathizers. No matter the ideological differences; they all stand behind you. A broad front of support exists. Please don’t hesitate to write back. It would be wonderful to hear from you.

Nick Manley
Jeff London
Anthony Gregory
Angela Keaton

Kate Duffy
Michael Manley
Doug Henwood
Liza Featherstone

Nick Ford
Roderick Long
Gus DiZerega
James Tuttle

Kevin Carson
Nathan Goodman
Mike Gogulski
William Gillis

Grant Mincy
Charles W. Johnson
Noor Mehta
Sheldon Richman

Jason Lee Byas
Nora Leyland
David S. D’ Amato
Trevor Hultner

Alan L. Kent
Tom Ender
Amber A.A.G.
Fiach O’Neil

Ruben Pacheo
Karl Schipul
Matthew Washington
Carlos Codling

Linda Parsons
Alice Raizel
Issac Hoppe
Zack Andrew

William Kiely
James Babb
Carma Logie
Chris Lempa

Angel Nolazco
Marina Brown
Rochelle J Parpart
Paul Krane

Brian Cantlin
Lorraine Lee
Benjamin Blowe
Bob Wammy writes:
“It has already been said that you face great injustice in retalliation for your challenge to the injustices perpretrated by the United States, so I just want to send a little bit of love. You are an incredible personal inspiration to me — as a human being, as an anarchist, and as a trans woman. There are not many positive stories about trans people, yet here is one of outright heroism in the face of authoritarian oppression — and to top it off, it’s a true story. I will not easily forget this story; I hope you don’t forget how many supporters you have here on the outside. Thank you.”

Samuel Field
David Grobgeld
Null Void writes:
“Stay strong Chelsea. You did nothing wrong and have nothing to apologize for. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise”
Katy McConcia

Dawie Coetzee
Eric Szymanski
William Wagner

Cooper Williams
Dan Blanco
Cory Massimino
Allie Thompson

Paul Dutton
Jane Louise

P.S. If you would like to add your name to this letter, please let us know in the comment section below.

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