The Internal Revenue Service Only Serves Government … and Government Doesn’t Serve Us

I remember a friend of mine, the current anti-income tax political prisoner Irwin Schiff, drawing me an analogy: “Imagine if you, Alex, walked into a room full of people, and just started indiscriminately breaking people’s noses. Then, after you left, imagine those same people holding their hands over their bruised and bloody faces saying, ‘Gee, you know, that Alex is a great guy – but those fists of his need to be reigned in and put under greater control!’”

This is the typical American’s reaction to the IRS. Most Americans don’t make the further associative leap indicating exactly who the IRS ultimately take their marching orders from. Now while you’rte contemplating that fundamental state of affairs, here’s an excerpt from a recent column by Jack Cafferty, published by CNN:

“It happened quietly at the White House this week – almost like they didn’t want us to notice:

“President Obama signed a $1.1 trillion spending bill which increases budgets in many federal agencies by about 10-percent.

“The bill includes almost $450 billion for the operating budgets of different departments. Among those seeing increases: The FBI, the Veterans Health Administration and the National Institutes of Health.

“Democrats say this spending is critical in order to help the economy out of the recession. But Republicans are slamming what they call out-of-control spending – and criticizing about $4 billion going to more than 5,000 earmarks requested by individual lawmakers.

“Doesn’t exactly sound like the change President Obama promised, does it?

“One watchdog group says the earmark projects include the construction of a Kentucky Farmer’s market, the renovation of a historic theater in New York and the restoration of a Rhode Island mill.

“The bill also approves a 2 percent pay increase for federal workers.
Meanwhile the 50 million Americans receiving Social Security won’t be getting any increase next year – for the first time in more than 3 decades.

“So nothing for the country’s seniors… but there’s always money for more government.”

That should tell you a thing or two about just who those in government care about first … and it isn’t you (unless you’re a government employee) or I. This is the supposedly “servant” government – a concept so ludicrous it barely qualifies for consideration. Yet many Americans remain deluded in this way. They desperately need to wake up.

Here are a few more tidbits about the IRS I found at Wikipedia:

“During Fiscal Year (FY) 2006, the IRS collected more than $2.2 trillion in tax net of refunds, about 44 percent of which was attributable to the individual income tax. This is partially due to the nature of the individual income tax category; containing taxes collected from working class, small business, self employed, and capital gains. Of the Individual Income Tax, the top 5% of income earners pay 60% of this amount.

“Recently, the IRS has altered its policies. The current Service plus Enforcement equals Compliance motto has led to more investigations of abusive tax schemes.

“As of 2007, the agency estimates it is owed $300 billion more than it collects.”

If you’ve read Irwin Schiff’s research, you may have arrived at the conclusion that the IRS itself is an “abusive tax scheme” and that no one “owes” a red cent of Section 1, Subtitle A “income” tax to the IRS or anyone. It is likely that you view the entire income tax system as a legal sham and criminal fraud kept alive by a scared and ignorant public, and a conspiratorial bench, bar, and bureaucracy.

Regardless of this, however, anarchism takes us a step further: None of those “laws,” regardless of how they are written, or supported or not supported by implementing regulations, or by court rulings, or by reams and reams of counterproductive mumbo-jumbo, have any legitimate bearing on anyone at all. They are the mere opinions of politicians and bureaucrats backed up by lethal violence so that the Mafioso organization known as government can continue to do whatever it pleases at my expense and yours. It’s literally as simple as that.

Now this little gem, also from Wikipedia:

“Congress passed the Taxpayer Bill of Rights III on July 22, 1998, which shifted the burden of proof from the taxpayer to the IRS in certain limited situations. The IRS retains the legal authority to enforce liens and seize assets without obtaining judgment in court.”

“Certain limited situations,” huh? So when dealing with the IRS, in most instances the enslaved taxpayer is guilty until proven innocent, on the mere allegation of some nameless, faceless IRS bureaucrat. And the next part is even better – IRS liens and asset seizures may occur without any form of judicial process whatsoever. Just like in the government’s equally tyrannical Drug War, the IRS is granted the authority to take everything you own anytime they want to. It’s then up to you to sue in the self-same government’s courts to try and get your property back. Good luck to you there. You might as well try to part the Red Sea.

Wikipedia has further cheery news:

“In July 2008, the office of the Treasury Department’s Inspector General for Tax Administration reported that the number of federal criminal tax investigations referred by the Internal Revenue Service to the Tax Division of the Justice Department is at an eight-year high. According to the report, the fiscal year 2007 ended with 4,600 investigations. The increase is nearly 50 percent from fiscal year 2002 to year 2007. The report also concluded that federal criminal tax convictions increased by 6.7% from fiscal year 2006 to fiscal year 2007. The number of persons convicted in fiscal year 2007 was 2,155.”

Those are 2,155 ruined lives too many. The IRS loves to proclaim: “Taxes are the price we pay for a civilized society.” Wow. That kind of logic is from whacked-out, la-la zombie robot land. I can’t even begin to comprehend a mind so warped as to believe that taxes and government and taking of property and kidnapping people to put them in cages represents any kind of civilized behavior whatsoever.

But further in the article, observe the arrogant misplaced pride with which the following is proclaimed:

“Since CI’s inception in 1919 to the present, the conviction rate for Federal tax prosecutions has never fallen below 90 percent. This is a record of success that is unmatched in Federal law enforcement.”

“Success,” even. Friends, these people (I’m doing them a favor by calling them that) are very, very sick. They are about as dangerous as it gets.

Next time you see a police car in your neighborhood, understand that what it says on the side door, near or as part of the emblem is true: “To Protect and Serve.” It is also just as true that the Internal Revenue Service is providing a service. The upshot is that in neither case is the “protection” or “service” directed towards anyone except those in government – you know, the government that is allegedly supposed to “serve” us (whether we want its “service” or “protection” or not)?

And this inequitable arrangement — inherent to the very notion of government and as such unchangeable within the context of same – is why it will not do to simply abolish the IRS or scrap the tax code.

Government itself must be outright done away with as soon as physically possible, if we wish to realize civilization.

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