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Karl Hess is now remembered as one of the founders of Anarcho-“Capitalism”, but in the 60s Hess allied with SDS and marched with the Black Panthers. Here he argues that the political economy of laissez-faire (“let it be”) and individual freedom mean nothing less than a revolutionary anarchism, allied with the peace movement, the New Left, and grassroots social organizing.

Unrest, riot, dissent and chaos notwithstanding, today’s politics is reactionary. Both left and right are reactionary and authoritarian. That is to say: Both are political. They seek only to revise current methods of acquiring and wielding political power. Radical and revolutionary movements seek not to revise but to revoke. The target of revocation should be obvious. The target is politics itself.

Radicals and revolutionaries have had their sights trained on politics for some time. As governments fail around the world, as more millions become aware that government never has and never can humanely and effectively manage men’s affairs, government’s own inadequacy will emerge, at last, as the basis for a truly radical and revolutionary movement. …

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