Resilient Communities and Local Economies

C4SS Research Associate Kevin Carson’s sixth study — SOCIETY AFTER STATE CAPITALISM: Resilient Communities and Local Economies [PDF].

Resilient Communities: Society After State Capitalism

By Kevin Carson

“For centuries, as described by Pyotr Kropotkin and other thinkers, the institutions of civil society have been crowded out or actively suppressed by the state. As the state capitalist system reaches its limits and the state exhausts its capacity to prop up the system further, we can expect a revival of civil society—a Great Thaw in which all the human capacities for voluntary cooperation and mutual aid, atrophied for so long, will revive and flourish. Past examples and current experiments in creating resilient local communities are especially promising building blocks for a post-corporate society.”

This “ready to print” version of Resilient Communities was created by Invisible Molotov.

Invisible Molotov is a market anarchist zine distro & publishing house.

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