Yes, Gang Colors Do Serve Some Useful Purposes

Per ABC News:

Authorities are investigating the fatal shooting of a 32-year-old woman in the suburban San Diego area after she allegedly hit a Border Patrol agent with her car.

Naturally the “she should have known better” crowd is out in full force, blaming the victim, Valeria Alvarado. But the video attached to the story clarifies things a little bit.

The agent was “undercover.”

In other words, he was dressed as a mundane gun-waving thug — unaffiliated, or perhaps affiliated with a lesser unit like Otay or Varrio Chula Vista, possibly a carjacker or drug-crazed loon — rather than sporting the full colors of the Brown People Abduction Crew of America’s largest street gang, its “federal government.”

So, Valeria Alvarado defended herself, and Valeria Alvarado died. If the hooligan had bothered to put on a “raid jacket” before running wild in the street, she’d probably have put it in park, prostrated herself, and survived.

Just another gangland murder, but these perps have a better marketing department than MS13 or The Mexican Mafia.

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