Kelly Vee

Kelly Vee is a recent graduate of Tulane University in New Orleans, LA. She is an individualist anarcha-feminist whose views can best be described as Ayn Rand meets Emma Goldman. She came to liberty from conservative roots after reading Atlas Shrugged in 11th grade and became an anarchist approx. 2 weeks after meeting an anarchist for the first time.


El anarquista y el egoísta enamorados
22 Jul 2022
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Anarchismo, Egotismo e Amore
10 Jun 2022
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The Anarchist and the Egoist in Love
06 May 2022
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Il Disastroso Manifesto degli Studenti di Parkland
13 Apr 2018
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Everything Wrong with the Parkland Students’ Manifesto
28 Mar 2018
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12 Apr 2017
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59 Missiles Launched at Syria – How Did the U.S. Get Here?
09 Apr 2017
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26 Oct 2016
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11 Aug 2015
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09 Aug 2015
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02 Aug 2015
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26 Jun 2015
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Alla Sinistra Statalista non Importa Nulla dei Neri
25 Jun 2015
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A esquerda estatista não se importa com os negros
20 Jun 2015
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The Statist Left Doesn’t Care About Black People
20 Jun 2015
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17 Jun 2015
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Sex Slavery Revisited on Feed 44
14 Jun 2015
Feed 44
Involuntary Commitment: Is Illness a Crime?
02 Jun 2015
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Black Widow’s Infertility: More than a Sexist Trope
29 May 2015
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Individualism, Anti-Essentialism and Intersectionality
23 May 2015
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Five Faces of State Oppression
19 May 2015
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Sex Slavery Revisited
22 Mar 2015
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