Editor’s Report, July-August 2016

There’s been a continuation of interesting content from July to August. From continuing to reveal actually-existing capitalism as an anti-libertarian ideology and revealing newer arguments against the minimum wage, to looking at Indigenous movements pushing against corporate land ownership.

Here’s a few of the publications seen in the last two months:

Logan Glitterbomb reports on the actions of Indigenous movements and tribes in opposing corporate land grabs.

Kevin Carson argues against another capitalist trope, this being the argument that modern neoliberal capitalism has reduced global poverty.

Daevid Glass shows that the EU referendum was a poor representation of political culture in the UK, making individuals choose between to extremely poor choices which further the power of the corporate state.

Vishal Wilde presents a new take on libertarian arguments against the minimum wage, presenting how it entrenches poverty rather than having any sort of positive effect.

Sheldon Richman shows Trump’s affinity to dictators such Saddam Hussein and Vladimir Putin, demonstrating that his populist rhetoric on the criminal rights of terror suspects is the kind of dictatorial statements that come from dictators he praises.

Finally, I take a non-economistic view of praxeology, applying its philosophical logics to a wider critique of the state and a wider understanding of the economic alternatives to statism.

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