Editor’s Report, June 2016

There’s been a continuation of interesting and original content throughout June. Whether talking about the inability of vulgar libertarians to comprehend corporate power, or looking at poor defenses for the existence of the state. The content has been diverse and fascinating.

Here’s a few of the publications seen in the last month:

Kevin Carson has criticised another bad defense of the corporate state, this one coming from the Cato Institute. Within it, this particular vulgar libertarian makes the claim that corporations fail to realise that subsidies hurt their competitiveness. Carson rightly excoriates this, showing that corporations gladly partake of subsidies as it aids their economic position of monopoly power and cronyism.

Nick Ford explains that women being placed on the US military draft is equality that is not worth having. It fundamentally impedes freedom and does not in any way increase gender equality.

Billy Christmas looks at the naturalness of prosperity and its place within a society of freedom. He explains that a lack of prosperity is a deviation from the normal actions of a society, as is evidenced particularly by Venezuela.

Tommy Raskin critiques the main defenses of government that statist’s regularly present. Arguments ranging from the social contract to implicit acceptance of state action are intelligently rebutted by Raskin who shows that these arguments are lacking in logic and coherence.

Finally, I have critiqued a particularly poor attack on the idea of a basic income that comes from the Foundation for Economic Education. The author, Michael Gibson, fails to adequately understand the dynamics of a basic income, relying instead on non-definitive, irrelevant examples. In its stead, I present an argument for the need of a basic income in developing a truly free society and economy.

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