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June 10, 2017 marked the date of the national March Against Sharia, an event celebrating Islamophobic war propaganda while warning against the supposed looming threat of Sharia Law being implemented in America…but who’s pushing for Sharia Law?
How Many More Victims Does the Drug War Need to Claim?
University of Southern California medical school dean Rohit Varma reacted to revelations that his predecessor, Carmen Puliafito, a widely respected ophthalmologist, had regularly consumed hard drugs, by describing Puliafito’s alleged conduct as “horrible” and “despicable.” Puliafito is on leave from his position as a USC faculty member and isn’t being allowed to see patients. It…
An Evolving Anarchism
Copyright Law Helps Perpetuate Neo-Colonial Knowledge-Oligarchies
The “Cost Disease” is Really Just a Symptom
Antinomies of Democracy
I thought I had pretty well had my say on the subject of democracy and anarchy, but comparing the material I’ve written to the contributions I’ve submitted, I see a couple of responses languishing among the drafts. I also find that the real impasse in my exchanges with Wayne Price leaves me considerably less than…
Non-Coercive Collective Decision-Making: A Quaker Perspective
Anarchism without Anarchy
Our Wildly Different Diagnoses Of “Liberalism”
Wonder Woman: How to Save the World
Spoiler alert: Contains plot information about the recent Wonder Woman movie   In director Patty Jenkins’ new DC Comics movie, Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot portrays our heroine, Diana, with grace, strength, and utter conviction.  As a child, Diana yearns to train in the ways of the warrior. Her mother, the Queen of the Amazons, warns…
Book Review: Things That Can & Cannot Be Said
Book Review: The Diamond Age
Film Review: Bitter Harvest
Agency and Other Anarchist Themes In Paul Goodman’s Work
Perhaps the most important characteristic Goodman shares with the other “anarchists without adjectives” in this series is his high regard for human agency, and his primary focus on the way actual human beings assert that agency in interacting with their environment. Read Kevin Carson’s full C4SS Study on Goodman here!
Deleuze, Guattari and Market Anarchism
Postmodern Philosophy and Market Anarchism: Allies or Enemies?
We Are Not Disposable! Building Alternatives To Prisons