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C4SS Begins Mirroring Wikileaks

The Center for a Stateless Society is now hosting a mirror site of Wikileaks — an international whistle-blower site which reactionary elements in the US government have been attempting to suppress over the last week. The mirror site is available at this web address:

Censorship has always been wrong and irresponsible. Now it’s another thing: Impossible.

I feel Hillary Clinton’s pain. Wikileaks’ release of 250,000 diplomatic cables previously hidden behind a state secrets wall has been tremendously embarrassing to her, not to mention implicating her in an international identity theft scheme that looks a lot like Watergate and the Zimmerman Telegram rolled into one.

But embarrassment or not, state officials have no right to hide their misdeeds from the people who foot the bill, in money and blood, for government actions. Nor, now, do they have the power to do so.

The toothpaste is out of the tube and we intend to keep it out of the tube. This information will remain publicly available to anyone who cares to look it over.

We have put this mirror site together using custom software developed by C4SS web administrator Mike Gogulski. We are making that software publicy available because we want as many people who can also mirror the site to do so.

As Mike put it:

“This is an opportunity for those who support freedom of information to take action. We particularly hope to see people and organizations with greater resources than we dispose of — the Electronic Frontier Foundation, for example, or US Representatative Ron Paul’s IT staff — making use of those resources, and of the tool we’re offering, to settle this
issue once and for all.”

The software, a bash script, is available for download below in a compressed archive. Instructions for installation, configuration and use are in comments in the code. Technical support for civil liberties/libertarian/anarchist organizations is available from


  • Bash shell
  • Perl
  • A subdomain to host the files
  • HTTrack (mandatory)
  • lftp (optional, if copying to remote via FTP)
  • Ability to create a cron job

DOWNLOAD: mirror-wikileaks.bash.tar.gz